Cambridge House Types: competition, 2014

Mole designed three house types on Marshall's 1,500-home Wing development. A typical block was designed to achieve a density of 45h/ha, provide 1.5 car parking spaces per house, create streets with a sense of enclosure, and make a place that is distinct, and has qualities derived from the particularities of existing Cambridge streets.
The key concepts that lay behind the scheme are:

  • 1. Real streets with all parking off the street but no car courts, living rooms overlooking street and front gardens to all houses.
  • 2. Increased density with 15 % extra houses = 15 % extra quality due to increased return
  • 3. Live with the sun and trees with streets & houses orientated for solar gain and streets terminating in a view of the park
  • 4. Future flexibility with smaller houses designed for future additions
  • 5. Private gardens with houses designed to respect privacy and prevent overlooking
wing 2
wing 3
wing 4
wing plan