Woven Courtyards: competition 2014

Peabody Housing Association

A continuous brick wall weaves in and out to create a series of entrance courtyards off the pavement, giving a sense of privacy around a shared tree, and garden courtyards to each of the seven houses. This tight urban condition- a strip only as wide as a house- creates a mews-like condition that serves to reinforce the traditional street pattern. Facing north to the road, the houses are turned sideways to open up to east and west, with a high south window letting sunlight into the deep plan. Up above the bedrooms sit on the wall with rooms open to the ceiling, giving a feeling of space and light.

Six flats terminate the row of houses; a three-storey building with a generous entry, south facing terraces and gardens. Eight garages are retained on the street, and three parking spaces by the flats, and a dedicated disabled space by the ground floor flat.

This is an innovative form of housing designed for this site; a woven courtyard typology. The form of the buildings favour prefabrication, enhancing quality control. Room-in-the-roof construction gives better space, enhances airtightness, and allows for panellised construction. Rainscreen cladding to upper floors and roof allows for a quick and cost effective build.