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Mole have designed two buildings in this exciting project at the heart of the new development on the Greenwich Peninsula, for developers Knight Dragon. The overall project is for a new pedestrian quarter with buildings designed specifically for creative industries: designers, artists, and makers of all types. As Knight Dragon’s chief executive, Richard Margree, puts it, Greenwich Peninsula Design District is ”designed by creatives for creatives.” Mole are designing two buildings: one a Corten-clad ziggurat, and the other a dichroic rhomboid.

Both of Mole’s buildings are designed to limit energy consumption, with consideration to both embodied energy use during construction, as well as limiting energy in-use. The ‘Ziggurat’ – a stepped-sided building clad in Corten steel- is designed around a timber frame with structural Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) floors, stairs and lift shaft, with Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) walls. The ‘Rhomboid’ building- clad in a pyramidal profiled cladding, with a two-tone colour that changes with the direction of the light- is designed to be constructed entirely with CLT. This construction not only reduced embodied energy but contributes to a more efficient prefabricated construction process reducing time on site. The walls in both buildings are lined in a phase change material board that contributes to the internal temperature control in hot weather, together with external blinds and shutters. The distribution of windows and shallow depth of the section ensures high levels of daylight and the ability to naturally ventilate the floors. The design was developed with M&E consultants Skelley & Couch, who thermally modelled the buildings to ensure the lightweight buildings perform as required.

Together the two buildings contribute to the vibrancy of the Design district, fulfilling the client’s brief to design a ’destination that will keep thinkers, makers and doers in the very place that brings their ideas to life’.

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