New Student Rooms, Churchill College Cambridge

Competition, Runner-up 2016
Mole were one of five firms invited to submit proposals to Churchill College for anew £3.5 million building on their campus. Sitting within a conservation area, the site sits between arts and crafts Baillie Scott houses on one side, and flats by post-war modernists Sheppard Robson on the other. Our scheme broke the accommodation down into three buildings, with a taller building terminating Churchill Road, and the scale reducing to the residential street. To be clad in a grey brick over a prefabricated coloured concrete base, the houses are all variations of the same form, modified according to their position on the site. A new garden uses tall grasses in beds that separate gravel squares with trees, making a series of enclosed gardens.

Churchill College

Churchill College

Mole was announced as runners-up in a competition  for Churchill College in Cambridge to provide 32 new graduate rooms on  a site next to the Grade 2 Listed Sheppard Flats. Our scheme separated the rooms into three ‘houses’ with south-facing shared living rooms.  The forms of the three houses are variations on a standard ‘type’, with each house unique according to its location




Churchill road view.1

Churchill cycle path.1

Churchill road current scheme.1

Churchill final model.1

Churchill scheme Iso.1