An existing unprepossessing 2-bedroom 1960's Bungalow has been transformed beyond recognition to create a family house with a sense of space and openness. Rather than add a large living space onto the rear of the house, Mole suggested adding new bedrooms to the front of the house (facing east), and removing internal walls to the existing house to create a large open-plan living space opening west onto the garden and existing magnolia tree.  The main elevation of the building has been completely remodelled into a saw-tooth elevation composed of 4 pitches clad in vertical cedar boarding.


photographer: David Butler


  • shortlisted for the Architects Journal Small Projects Award 2012
The lanes ext2

“Who wouldn't be excited to be featured in Grand Designs?  …It is definitely a Grand Design in the sense that the design delivered pretty much perfectly what was asked of it.  It is a joy to live in and it will get better and better.”

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