Ramblers, SUSSEX, 2007

Ramblers is  house addition.  The project comprises the removal and replacement of a 1960's addition to a listed oak-framed house in Pulborough, East Sussex. The new timber framed extension creates a utility room, bathroom and artist's studio, looking out onto an existing garden. Visually separated from the listed building by a frameless glass slot, the new addition is clad externally in green oak cladding and reclaimed tiles. Openings in the vertical cladding are formed from frameless glazing and insulated shutters that provide privacy, shading and a lively articulation of the façade.
The new building provides a contrasting character to the old house, with the new spaces being open and light, with large glazed areas overlooking an adjacent common. The cottage, meanwhile, feels all the more valuable a retreat with low beamed ceilings and cosy fireplaces. We frequently find that a new addition to an old building benefits the character of both spaces. We like to find an architectural expression for the new building that isn’t simply a contrast between ‘old’ and ‘new’, but takes some of the qualities of the existing building and re-imagines them in the extension


photographer: David Butler